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In Bed With @honeybelleworldblog

26th Apr, 2017

Let’s go In Bed With @honeybelleworldblog our latest style crush. Comes with a style to envy and a colour palette of dreams. Part of our In Bed With series…

Tell us about your morning ritual.

"I'm the laziest girl in the world and I love my bed so the struggle is always real getting up. The only thing that really gets me out of bed is the thought of breakfast. I have a bowl of organic porridge and organic oat milk every morning- pure bliss! I'm a complete news freak so I have to know what's going on in the world as soon as possible, then once I've had a little current affairs catch up, I'm onto Instagram to see what's happened overnight. "

Tell us about Honey Belle Blog.

"I started my blog a few years ago after reading some others and thinking 'I want to do that!'. For me, being able to write whatever I feel like is the biggest buzz, especially as I work as a journalist where I normally have someone editing out what I really think! Hopefully my blog has progressed over the time I've been doing it, but there's millions more improvements I'd like to make- it's just there's never enough hours in the day!"

Which pieces from the AWP SS/16 collection do you love?

"I'm really getting into earrings again lately, and the Silver Circle drop back ones are so beautiful. I also love all the rings, particularly the Ball and Bar ones."

Do you have a favourite coffee house in London?

"I actually don't drink coffee (although my Instagram might suggest otherwise!). I eat clean 100% of time so for me finding somewhere that does organic decaf green tea is The Holy Grail! Having said that, I do like a smoothie from The Good Life Eatery orThe Mae Deli."

Where do you get your style/clothing inspiration from?

"I'm very traditional in that I love a magazine. I read all the monthly glossies. I even love the adverts- to me they're art. But of course I can't resist street style either. My faves also generally happen to be fashion editors- Sarah Harris, Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini."

Instagram has become a very powerful tool. Have you seen your creative space and blog be affected by IG?

"Yes totally! It's really fascinating to see how IG has impacted on everything in the blogging world. Not that blogging is dead, but being an 'Instablogger' can bring very similar 'rewards' to blogging, and also be massively creative too. For me personally I like to blog because I like to write, but trying to put out quality content on both is definitely exhausting. Girls who blog everyday have my total respect. We'll see what happens though when Instagram finally implement their much-feared changes....maybe blogging will be on the front-foot again?"

Do you read many fashion blogs?

All.The.Time. I actually spend wayyy to much time doing that. I like all sorts of blogs- not just ones that share my style aesthetic. For example, I really enjoy reading Lydia Elise Millen- she just seems like such a doll!
​Bad spelling really depresses me though. Sometimes I'll read a badly spelt post just to be masochistic and wonder why nobody seems to understand the difference your and you're."
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