In Bed With


04th Apr, 2016

Creativity in abundance, a distinctive eye for style and a passion for minimalism, let’s go In Bed With @AGAROLEK, Krakow’s finest style blogger

Tell us about your morning ritual.

“First thing I do after I wake up is make sure that it’s really time to get up. Wasting even one minute of sleep is a crime for me (smiles). The time between waking up and actually getting up is for creative thinking and looking for inspiration on Instagram. It’s a warm up for my brain. Without it I would fall asleep again most times. Unless I have important meetings, I don’t prepare my outfits the day before. I try not to put much thought into this part of my routine, cause I’ve learnt that improvised looks created in a hurry are often the best ones.”

Which season in fashion excites you the most?

“Definitely spring/summer. Mostly because I hate cold. Extreme layering is not my favourite thing. I need to feel comfortable all day long and the temperature is a key factor here. It’s just easier and quicker to choose what to wear when you don’t have to worry about freezing your ears off.”

Do you have a favourite piece from the new SS/16 AWP collection?

“As a minimalist, I love everything from the new collection. If I had to choose, I would probably go with Silver Ball and Bar Ring. I love the combination of shapes and how my hand looks like when I put it on. It’s that minimal chic quality that is irresistible (smiles).”

Where do you shop and what is your current go to?

“On-line shopping is my favourite kind, it saves me plenty of time and energy. Nowadays it’s all about saving time and energy, right? Maybe that’s why my go-to item of the moment is a pair of white sneakers. They go with almost every outfit so I don’t have to think about what shoes to wear. One less thing to decide in the morning.”

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