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In Bed With @AWP

13th Mar, 2016

In the first ever episode of In Bed With, we catch up with A Weathered Penny creative director Kayleigh to discuss morning rituals, how to choose your outfit and what’s in store for 2016.

Tell us about your morning ritual?

“Before I step out of bed I like to check social media. I start with Instagram, following up on customer questions and comments and I always have a look at what our followers are up to. Also I like keeping up to date with bloggers and which outfits and accessories they’re talking about. I love pinning on Pinterest too. I adore the huge amount of inspiration Pinterest gives me, it really inspires me, not only in style but with our very own collections. Then it’s a coffee (or 2) and I start planning my day. I’m in love with my new Concrete Planner, it helps me clear my mind and helps me plan out the day ahead.”

How do you choose your outfit for the day ahead?

“I like to dress for comfort and style. Current obsessions include un-structured clothing in a particular colour platte – black/white/grey. In addition to this, I really enjoy adding hints of nude/dusky pink and creams. I like to keep my outfits simple and un-patterned. I’m currently obsessed with shopping at & Other Stories. I am almost always in trainers but will wear black ankle boots when heading out. I then have the job of choosing which jewellery to wear! My go-to hit list includes the Geometric Block, Silver Bar Earrings, Silver Bar & Ball Ring, Contrast Marble Triangle Necklace or Silver Bar Necklace.”

What’s in store for A Weathered Penny this year?

“2016 looks like being our biggest to date. The team are incredibly excited. There is plenty of exciting launches and collaborations happening over the coming year (and years to come). We are launching a new line of sunglasses for summer! The adult collection will also feature brand new pieces, but I’ll keep my cards close to my chest with that! A Mini Penny will also feature a new line of super cool kids jewellery…

cont… The continuation of growth and new collaborations is going to be key for us this year. We will be heading to Playtime Paris in the summer, Copenhagen later in the year, establishing stronger relationships with current collaborators and potentially NYC in the autumn to experience the big markets and meet with PR agencies.” ​

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