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In Bed With @csillaphan

26th Apr, 2017

On trend, elegant and effortlessly stylish. Meet the Hungarian minimal influencer @csillaphan taking Budapestian style to the next level.

Tell us about your morning ritual.

"I always prepare my outfits the night before, because in the mornings I'm always in a rush. When I wake up I check social media, emails etc then will head to the kitchen to make myself some coffee or tea, it usually depends on how busy that day is, and the next half an hour afterwards will be spent getting ready, doing my makeup and making sure I smell nice, then I head out the door. "

Where do you currently shop your outfits?

" I usually buy shoes (if not sneakers), outerwear and bags at Zara and for my basics I always check H&m. I'm also a sucker for Asos. Their accessories are the bomb. "

Describe your style?

"I'd say my style is a mixture between elegant and street style. I like to mix things up and I'm most likely to look super elegant on one day and look very urban on the other. On recent days I wear black pointy boots with black pants a longer tee and my suede jacket thrown over it. I'm super stoked for spring since I've been waiting to bring back all them maxi/pencil skirts and culottes."

Are you much of traveller?

"Since I was young, I was traveling a lot. There is something about airplanes that I found super comforting. People will either talk to you and be super nice or not talk to you at all and let you relax. My travel destinations are mostly Vietnam, London or Berlin. I have just been to Berlin last summer and I'm planning on going back a few more times this year and in the future."

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Photographer: Joseph Carter
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