Where art meets Fashion

Where art meets Fashion

17th Apr, 2016

Introducing Krakow fashion creative @agarolek the newest brand ambassador to A Weathered Penny talks Where Art Meets Fashion

“Sometimes it’s only about your extraordinary attitude. Because it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it”


Creating Art through Fashion

​Aga Rolek continuously positions herself at the forefront of online fashion with her incredible Instagram account and blog, Stone Beige. Taking to the streets with a point and shoot attitude can work for many, but Aga adds her own distinctive creative, leaving a lasting impression.

​”My style constantly evolves but there is one thing that never changes: straight cut. Simple form is the key to my minimal style. Lately, I have been obsessed with a simple, yet unusual form. Therefore, I will be constantly evolving my style.

​Every morning I choose one extraordinary item from my closet and I pair it with basics. Black and white, simple and minimal but with a twist”

We see Aga as an artist. She uses her physical form to produce striking stances, captivating the viewer and complementing the outfit worn as seen in this post. This is not only found in her outfit posts, even with a simple product shot or flatlay, every detail is carefully considered and the use of composition is extremely imaginative.

Aga turns fashion photography into art which would not be out of place adorning any wall, in a simple white frame…of course.

Shaping Minimalism

We became inspired through Aga’s unique approach to fashion. ​Addicted to monochrome and minimalism, Aga always leaves you wanting more.

In conclusion, obsessed by Aga’s work we’re extremely excited to announce Aga as our brand new ambassador for A Weathered Penny. Aga will bring an abundance of creativity to the company, working across many exciting projects. Furthermore, we hope you were inspired by Where Art Meets Fashion.

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